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Health Insurance Is Even MORE Complicated Than I Believed

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Walgreens for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

To graduate high school there are always minimum “requirement” courses that need to be take like Gym, Biology, and Health.  I get it, obesity is on the rise and if gym was not required almost no one would take it, but even making it required hasn’t seemed to slow down the steady increase of over weight/obese Americans.  I also don’t remember ever learning a whole lot that would help me later in life in gym class, unless I were to become a professional athlete(and had that been my aspiration I wouldn’t have needed to be forced to take gym), and always thought they should require courses that would give you knowledge you actually need in order to navigate your life as an adult.  My soon-to-be ex-husband is 21 years old and still doesn’t know how to write a check, even thinking about the impending tax season makes my head swim, and more than anything, i am absolutely clueless when it comes to insurance, these are the things we shouldn’t be aloud to graduate high school without being taught.

I understand some of the basics, and I know You can only see doctors covered by your HMO, but until I read the press release about Walgreens and Express Script I had no idea that some insurances dictated the pharmacies you could go to as well!  And after doing a little research I am disgusted by the actions of Express Script, taking away the convenience of using Walgreens pharmacies, to try and increase their own revenue, from some of the people who have prescription coverage through them.  To me having access to a pharmacy that is open 24/7 is a must.  Yes mail order 90-day supplies might be nice for long term, regularly used medications, but if I go into the ER at 2 in the morning with a broken leg, I’m not going to be using mail order service for the pain prescription and I also don’t want to wait until morning to get it either.  

To help those affected by the ending of the contract between Express Script and Walgreens, Walgreens is offering a special discount on the Walgreens Prescription Savings Club so you can get the individual plan for just $5 a year and the family plan for just $10(which covers you, a spouse, dependents 22 and under, as well as pets) which gives you savings on over 8,000 brand-name medications as well as all generic medications, along with bonuses when buying Walgreens brand products and photo finishing services.

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